Project year: 2014

Risograph Printing on Munken Lynx 150g (print in Hato Press)

'I See a Circle as a Spoon' is a series of photographs playing with the relationship between texts and pictures, how they influence and change the viewers' way of seeing.

I See a Circle as a Spoon.
I See a Spoon as a Mirror.
I See a Mirror as a Hole.
I See a Hole as a Cave.
I See a Cave as a Crotch.
I See a Crotch as a Highway.
I See a Highway as a Forest.
I See a Forest as many Hands.
I See a Hand as a Cup.
I See a Cup as a Pond.
I See a Pond as a Bed Sheet.
I See a Bed Sheet as a Mountain.
I See a Mountain as a pile of Dust.
I See a pile of Dust as a Hole.
I See a Hole as a Circle.

◆ See the photobook version over here.