Project year: 2022
Work type: Set Design, Installation
Client: ART HAUS

“ Sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields.”
─ Jack Kerouac

The 2022 fall-winter window display for ART HAUS follows the theme of “still life painting”. Still life painting is one the mainstream traditions in Western art. The paintings depict inanimate objects, including natural and artificial objects.

The display installation takes references from materials in still life art, including using fruits as the focal objects, fiberglass as the material for textile sculptures, and the triangular composition (S composition) to depict the snapshot moment of the dynamic movements of fabrics and fruits.


ART HAUS 2022 秋冬櫥窗設計以「靜物畫」為主題,靜物畫是西方藝術的主要流派之一,題材以無生命的靜物,包含自然與人造物品為主。裝置設計參考其畫派常見的布料、水果作為靜物主體,布料雕塑以玻璃纖維製作,並參考靜物畫的構圖(三角構圖/ S型構圖),呈現布料與水果在飄動與灑落的瞬間畫面。