Project year: 2022
Work type: Art Direction, Graphic Design
Client: ART HAUS

“Every Sunset Brings the Promise of a New Dawn” ─ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The concept for ART HAUS 2022 Lunar New Year red envelope design is centered around sunrise and sunset. Taking inspiration from the natural color shifts in the sky, this concept symbolizes the passage of time and the changing of seasons. As viewers take the red envelopes from the cover, they experience the poetic essence of both time and space.

以日出與日落作為 ART HAUS 2022 農曆新年紅包的設計概念。借取大自然中天空的顏色變化,象徵時間流逝與季節交替。觀者從封套中拿取紅包的過程中,經歷了其時間與空間的詩性。