Project year: 2021
Work type: Set Design, Installation
Client: ART HAUS

Window installation for the ART HAUS 2021 Spring-Summer collection.

The 2021 Spring-Summer window installation at ART HAUS features a series of light sculptures made with fluorescent light tubes to explore the purity of relationships between space, color, and lights.

The largest piece, showcased in the flagship store, uses 84 light tubes to portray the color palettes of sunrise and sunset.

The colors of light blend in the air and extend the window area towards infinity and the space becomes total. Along with the dark backdrop and sculptural shapes, the installations present the fusion and resonance of colors and space.

ART HAUS 2021 櫥窗為一系列使用日光燈管製作的燈光雕塑,探索空間、顏色、與光線之間最純粹的關係。A4 的櫥窗裝置為其中最大型的裝置,使用 84 支日光燈管,光線透過不同的顏色,模擬日出與日落的色澤,並利用幽暗的櫥窗空間與雕塑的形狀,建構出色彩與空間的共鳴與交融。