Project year: 2021
Installation Design: opm florist, Meng-Tang Chuang

In collaboration with OPM Florist, the installation artworks for ARTIFACTS are permanently exhibited in the Taichung store. Three ceiling-tall glass columns placed throughout the store combine the special vertical stripe patterns of Moru Glass with abstract floral shapes and colors inside the columns. Once inside the store, visitors can further appreciate the intricate changes of the flowers from different angles.  

與花藝師 OPM Florist 共同創作 ARTIFACTS 台中店內裝置藝術作品。三支貫穿天花板至地面的玻璃柱體分布於店內,透過長虹玻璃 (MORU GLASS) 特有的條壓花紋路所產生的折射現象,呈現玻璃柱內部花朵抽象的形狀與色彩。觀者在店內行走時,更可以從不同的角度,觀賞花朵在折射後所產生的細膩變化。