Project year: 2024
Work type: Set Design, Installation
Client: ART HAUS

The ART HAUS 2024 Spring-Summer window concept takes inspiration from the aesthetic concepts in Junichiro Tanizaki's essay "In Praise of Shadows." Using the traditional Japanese architectural technique of shoji (しょうじ) used to separate outdoor and indoor spaces, a tea house is constructed within the window space.

Inside the house, a pendulum lamp with a constant swinging speed is installed. The light and shadows from the lamp move slowly on the shoji paper, reflecting and penetrating the space. Viewers can perceive the passage of time and the beauty of shadows through subtle changes in brightness and darkness.

ART HAUS 2024 春夏櫥窗概念以谷崎潤一郎的散文作品《陰翳禮讚》中的美學觀念作為靈感來源。使用日式傳統房屋用來分隔室外與室內的障子(しょうじ)紙門工法,在櫥窗空間內建構出一座茶屋,並在屋內設置一盞定速擺動的吊燈,吊燈的光影在障子紙上緩慢移動,微弱的反射、穿透在空間之中,觀看者可以從細微的明暗變化裡感受時間的流逝與其陰翳之美。